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Meet the team

Real Travelling Staff

Who travels with us?

Anyone with a sense of adventure and a passion for discovery. Whether you’re a first-time traveller looking for an introduction to the world or a seasoned explorer looking for your latest adventure, Real Travelling has an experience for you. We specialise in shorter travel experiences for young travellers - anything from 4 days to 6 weeks. We believe that you don’t need to take a year out to experience the world. A life-changing travel adventure can easily fit into a summer break or a work holiday allowance. The world is out there – all you have to do is pick a place and start exploring. So, if you’re looking for an escape from your routine and crave unique experiences in exotic destinations around the world, look no further. Join us!

Who are we?

Real Travelling is a part of the Gap 360 Ltd group of travel brands. We’ve been around since 2012 and since then over 30,000 young travellers have joined us on trips around the globe. We have a wealth of travel experience and between us we’ve been to every destination we offer. You can count on us to help you plan and operate your trip.

We all work in an open-plan office in Tunbridge Wells. We’re centrally located above a Pret a Manger (perfect for mid-morning coffees and lunchtime snacks!). We love having visitors, so please do drop in to see us and we can discuss your trip in person.

The Real Travelling Team

Everyone in our team has been travelling. We encourage them all to go away every year too, so they stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world.

Real Travelling Staff

The Travel Advisors

(they help you plan and book your trip)


I have been to 20 incredible countries across the world. My greatest travel moments to date have to be in Kruger National Park in South Africa, witnessing a herd of elephants in their natural habitat and exploring the Lost City of Petra in Jordan. Next on my list is a road trip across the USA or hiring a campervan and travelling around New Zealand. I love planning travel adventures, so give me a call and I can help you organise your trip.

Emma Image


I have travelled to multiple locations worldwide, including most of Europe, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Central America, and the USA. Next on the list is South America, with Iguassu Falls top priority! I’m always happy to advise you on your travel plans and help you plan the perfect adventure.

Jon Image


I started travelling as soon as I left school, with a summer coaching football in America. I then embarked on an epic Round the World trip after University! Next on my list is Croatia with a return to Australia high up on the wish list as well! I love chatting to people about their plans and look forward to getting you booked on to your next trip!

Charlie Image


Since working in travel, I have visited 6 continents, and I am keen to add more countries to the list! My favourite travelling experience so far has been getting caught up in new year celebrations in Thailand! Next on the list is South Africa to try and spot the Big Five on a safari in Kruger National Park.

Matthew Image

The Operations Team

(they make sure your trip is properly sorted and support you after booking)

Katie P

I love to travel – with my favourite places including anywhere that’s hot and sunny with a beautiful beach to match. My favourite travel experience to date has been driving across Europe and Asia to Mongolia. Next on the list is Mexico, Brazil, Tanzania or Bhutan.

Katie P Image


My favourite destinations include Mexico (snorkelling with turtles!), South Africa (going on safari in Kruger National Park) and Sri Lanka (Blue whale watching and relaxing on the beach). My best travelling experience was skydiving over Mission Beach. Next on the list is the Canadian Rockies.

Sophie Image

Katie G

I've been to 30+ countries across 6 out of 7 continents (I’ve not made it to Antarctica…yet…!). My favourite travel experience? Hard to choose between doing the Lares Trek in Peru, seeing the Salt Flats in Bolivia, going on safari in the Serengeti and sky diving in New Zealand. My travel plans include seeing more of Asia and climbing Kilimanjaro before I turn 30!

Katie G Image


I spent a year in Australia and found various means of funding my adrenaline-junkie lifestyle, including working as an entertainer on one of the Whitsunday islands and packing tomatoes in a remote farm shed! I have also partied at Thailand's full moon party, hiked a glacier in New Zealand and explored many parts of Europe. My next adventure will be to sail around the Indonesian islands and visit the Komodo Dragons!

Caroline Image

The Flights Team

(they help you get the best flight deals)


So far, I’ve travelled to 39 countries across 5 continents and my travel list is never ending. I am hoping to visit 50 countries by the time I am 30! Some of my favourite destinations include Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia. I have recently returned from 9 months away and love sharing my knowledge with other travellers who are looking to arrange their own adventures!

Sophie Image


To date, I have visited 35 countries in 6 continents and have also spent an amazing year living and working in Australia. I love activities and trips which push me out of my comfort zone. Some of my highlights include; paragliding and white water rafting through the Himalayan mountains in Nepal, diving with sharks in The Ningaloo reef and off-road driving through the Thar desert in India

Hannah Image

The Marketing Team

(they spread the good word about Real Travelling so more of you can find us!)


I have a keen interest in photography and love to capture the great outdoors on film. My favourite travel memories so far include kayaking down the coast of Australia, the scenic views of Norway, and road tripping through the USA. Next up on my list - exploring South America!

Chris Image

The IT Team

(they make sure the website runs like a dream)


My goal is to visit at least one new country every year - and I’ve clocked up 19 countries so far. My favourites include New Zealand, Canada and anywhere in Scandinavia. My next trip will either be Finland for the northern lights, or Azerbaijan for the Formula One (I’m a huge motorsport fan!).

Alex Image


I have travelled to many amazing places, including Canada and Southeast Asia – the friendly people and amazing food make each trip unforgettable and repeat visits inevitable. My dream trip is sampling the delights of Japan for the epic snowfall in Niseko and New Zealand for a bit of sun and snow in one trip.

Felix Image


I'm currently on a mission to explore Asia. In the last year I've been to Bali, Thailand and Japan in the winter. For my dream holiday I'll go anywhere with a beach, beer and a place I can chill out in the sun.

Nick Image


I like to combine travelling with sport. My next goal is to go and see Houston Rockets play in the NBA finals and to see an American Football game in the States. After that, I'd love to watch a football match with the passionate crowds in South America.

Adrian Image

The Finance Team

(they collect your dosh and make payments for your trip)


I have been fortunate enough to work in the travel industry for over 20 years. Work has taken me to Jordan, Moscow and South Africa, but Southeast Asia remains my favourite part of the world. I love the hustle and bustle, the people, the noise, the food and the smells. Looking forward to introducing it to the kids next year on our first family trip to Thailand!

Catherine Image


Back in the day BC (before children) I travelled to North America and Canada, and visited Australia to explore the East Coast. My perfect destination these days is a short flight away to incredible scenery, wonderful food and wine – the French Alps trying to ski (much better at the après!); a roadtrip in northern Scotland; the Adriatic & Amalfi Italian Coasts... My favourite place of all is Sardinia - snorkelling in the clearest shallow waters in hidden coves and an incredible bar atop the battlement walls of Cagliari. To see the cherry blossoms in Japan is most certainly on my bucket list.

Lucy Image

The Big Bosses

(they focus on looking important and overseeing Real Travelling)


I am the Technical Director at Real Travelling, responsible for all things digital. I’ve worked in the travel industry for 15 years and I have visited many far-flung destinations. Even so, my favourite destination by far is Wales (mainly due to my love of trail bike riding!).

James Image


I have visited 47 countries so far and plan to make 2019 the year I make it to 50! My favourite places in the world are the Salt Flats in Bolivia, Kakadu National Park in Australia and the beaches in the Cook Islands. Next on my list is Iceland to see the Northern Lights, a city break in Prague, and Argentina for the wine, steak and Iguazu Falls.

Jane Image


I have been in travel since 1973 when I drove an expedition truck through Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan en route to Nepal. I lived in the US for 15 years and have started lots of travel organisations - but I love this one the best! My role is to look after the money and tell Dad jokes to anyone who will listen.

David Image

Mr Bangers

He's the office dog. Hasn't done much travelling, because he's a dog.

Mr Bangers Image

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