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Get as close to nature as possible with game drives, river cruises, and jungle treks in some of the world's finest wildlife viewing arenas.
Wildlife Tours

Wildlife Tours

From Costa Rica’s misty cloud forest to the remote Galapagos Islands, our wildlife trips and tours take you to the heart of the natural world. Hold your breath as a lion pads past you in the African bush, watch baby turtles being released into the ocean in Borneo, meet the famous giant tortoises in the Galapagos, and swim with a vast, shimmering shoal of sardines in the Philippines. Even Attenborough would be impressed.

Our adventures get you up close and personal with the natural world, with open-top game drives, sunset river cruises, wildlife safaris, sea-life spotting trips, and jungle treks, in some of the world’s finest wildlife viewing locations. We’re talking Kruger National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest, and the Great Barrier Reef, to name but a few.  
With knowledgeable local guides, and wildlife experts leading the way, you’ll see these incredible animals in their natural habitat, while exploring some of the most amazing destinations on Earth. It’s the perfect way for travellers with an interest in wildlife to experience some of nature’s greatest spectacles.

While many of our wildlife experiences involve seeing animals in the wild, we also visit a number of sanctuaries, nature reserves, conservation centres, and rehabilitation projects. Rest assured that all these facilities have been chosen for their high animal welfare standards. From an ethical elephant sanctuary in Northern Thailand, and an Orangutan Rescue Centre in Borneo, to a turtle hatchery on Libaran Island, the animals’ wellbeing is always the top priority. Many of the projects undertake vital conservation work to ensure these incredible species can be enjoyed by future generations as well.

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