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Once you've picked, planned and booked your next adventure, you'll need to get there! Luckily, we have a dedicated flights team to help you find the best flight deal for your trip.

Our advisors know all of our trips and schedules, and they will make sure you don't miss a minute of fun on your travels. Call Real Flights on 01892 227037 or enter your dates in this form for a personalised quote and updates on the latest deals by email.

Plan your arrival

When search for a flight deal, remember that different datelines and time zones could throw you out by several hours or even whole days. Make sure to double check that your desired flight's arrival time and date matches your trip start date before you book your flights

Confused? Have a chat with the Real Flights team - they'll look after you.

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The Flights Team

(they help you get the best flight deals)


Maddison Cook
Flight Team Leader

As former Virgin cabin crew Maddison has flown a lot! She's been to Antigua, Miami, Orlando, LA, San Francisco, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, New York, Mumbai and Dubai. Now that she is ground-based she loves talking to customers and helping them to plan their dream trips and book their flights.

Favourite Destinations

Antigua: lovely people and beaches
South Africa: wildlife and the wine!
Las Vegas: it's Disney for grownups

Sophie Downing
Flight Coordinator

Sophie has worked in travel for the past 4 years and is a specialist in flight sales and ticketing. She loves talking to customers about their upcoming trips and helping with their flights. Next on her personal travel list is Croatia, Thailand and Australia!

Favourite Destinations

Greece: beautiful beaches, lovely food
Prague: lovely architecture, cheap!
Norway: stunning scenery, spectacular waterfalls, chilled

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