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City skyline of Austin, Texas with paddleboarders going under a bridge

USA Experience - Part 3

By Real Travelling

Last updated: 8th June 2014

Real Travellers Melissa and Becky share their experience travelling across the USA

Day 9

Today we headed to Carlsbad Caverns, a national park which consists of cool caves and lots of natural wonders. If you're into geography, then this will be right up your street. As much as I appreciated the amazing nature of it, I was a bit worried about the bats, but then did spend a lot of time wondering if this is where the bat cave was, and if we were going to find batman! Sadly not this time, but maybe you'll have more luck :) We had a lovely picnic type lunch overlooking the beautiful desert, before heading to San Antonio!

Day 10

We made it to San Antonio, having a little wander round and exploring what it has to offer. The great thing about the trek is that it can change so you go wherever you would like to go. For example, the itenary mentions 2 nights in San Antonio, however our tour guide advised that there's not too much to do there and we mght have more fun in Austin for 2 nights. This was fine by the group so we spent longer in Austin then in San Antonio. If you have something in mind that you would like to do, then mention it to your guide and they can let you know whether its a possibility or not.

Day 11

Our first day in Austin, we got there a little late due to traffic (and the fact that Texas is huge!!) so we didn't have much time that night to do anything else then cook and sleep! It was my groups turn to cook, and let's just say, it was an intersting meal! If you're not a fan of cooking, then you can always volunteer to do the cleaning every day, or clean the van out, but if you're not too bothered, then it works as a rota system. I don't mind, but for some reason the food that night was horrible!! Anyway, we sat round and had some drinks before heading to bed in the considerably warmer tent now we were in the deep south!

Day 12

Today was our full day in Austin, so to make the most of our time there, we set out early and went off exploring. Sadly, we forgot it was a Sunday (the days merge into one when travelling) and most places didn't open until 11. We hit out in a Starbucks and then went to explore. We went to the parliment buildings and then down to the river, before finding a farmers market, where we were expecting lots of cheese, but sadly, there was less cheese and more gluten free cakes, not that I'm complaining too much!
That night, we made our way to an authentic BBQ place and I had some extra moist brisket, it was delish!

Day 13

We were all starting to get very sick of our tents now, and the fact we were so close to New Orleans was painful! Not there yet though, as the drive to New Orleans from Austin was almost 11 hours, we decided to stop over on the way at a campsite in Louisana. It was pretty cool, with a pool and things, but we were still camping. Very excited for tomorrow, we got all our things together, had some drinks and headed to bed.

New Orleans is a pretty amazing experience and I'd hate to miss bits out, so keep posted for the next blog with all the antics!

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