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Travel Advice

Twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur for Beginners

Real Travelling's Ollie shares his tips for making the most of a trip to Kuala Lumpur... I can make no authoritative claim to be a seasoned traveller, and I...

A group of travellers posing with hands in the air and an australian flag in the background
Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves: Advice for Female Solo Travellers

We chat to a lot of people about their plans and ideas for travel to all sorts of exotic and exciting locations, and, shamelessly blowing our own trumpet (but only...

Two people with backpacks in a wooded area
Backpacking vs Glampacking

While we’re all unique in our own way, whether you’re a surfer that craves a bit of culture in your downtime or a bookworm with a...

Traveller looking across from Roys Peak in New Zealand
Top 10 Must-Sees in New Zealand

New Zealand frequently tops polls as one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. Is it the scenery? A hike on the coast track through Abel...

Map and globe on table
So You've Booked Your Trip, Now What?

So you've finally done it, after what seems like a lifetime of looking, deliberating, and planning, you've booked your trip – and aren't you chuffed...

Two people sitting on a beach at sunset
Travelling as a Couple: Top Tips

Posted: 31 August 2018

Our copywriter George recently returned from travelling with his girlfriend through New Zealand, Vietnam and Cambodia – and they survived!  Travelling as a couple is a bit like marmite...

People floating in the ocean on rubber tubes
Common Misconceptions about Group Tours

Posted: 31 July 2018

We absolutely LOVE group tours. For us, group tours offer the perfect combination of fun, adventure, socialising and unique experiences, all in one convenient...

Fresh produce in baskets
6 Tips for Travelling with Dietary Requirements

Posted: 11 July 2018

If you have a food intolerance or other dietary requirement, then eating out can be a nightmare at the best of times. How many times have you...

A Singapore airport with a large green area and a pond
Top 7 Coolest Things to Do on an Airport Layover

Posted: 26 June 2018

Airport layovers, much like flip-flop blisters and backpack strain, are one of the small inconveniences travellers have to endure as part of the whole world-exploration package, but they needn't...

Electronics and a backpack laid out on a floor
How to Pack Green and Reduce your Environmental Impact when Travelling

Posted: 22 August 2016

The one downside to travelling is that it isn’t exactly the most eco-friendly activity. You’ll be racking up the air miles, chugging through the petrol...

Two people holding street ice cream in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Best Places to Eat in Cambodia

Posted: 8 December 2015

This blog post comes from the brilliant Sophie Maddern, a keen traveller with an awesome Instagram profile @justanotherhappytraveller - it's definitely worth checking out! Sophie is currently travelling with...

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