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Electronics and a backpack laid out on a floor

How to Pack Green and Reduce your Environmental Impact when Travelling

By Real Travelling

Last updated: 22nd August 2016

The one downside to travelling is that it isn’t exactly the most eco-friendly activity. You’ll be racking up the air miles, chugging through the petrol and generally adding to your carbon footprint. That’s why it is so important to be as green as possible as you travel to reduce the environmental impact of your adventures. This eco-minded travelling begins at home, and as soon as you start packing your bag you should be thinking green.

Here are our top tips for packing green:

1. Pack Light

Every extra kilogram of weight that you pack leads to more carbon emissions on the planes, buses, taxis etc. that you travel on. Keep things light – it’s good for your back as well as for the environment!

2. Take Dark Clothes

Yes, those white shorts look amazing, but what about when you drop a little bit of coffee on them? They’ll be heading straight to the washing machine! Save water by packing darker clothes that can survive the odd coffee spill or chocolate smudge.

Lady posing for a photo on a hike

3. Packaging Free

Take toiletries out of their packaging and remove the tags from your brand-new clothes. Getting rid of packaging before you leaves saves you space and also means that you can ensure that it is properly recycled.

4. Reusable Bottle

Pack a reusable bottle to avoid buying loads of plastic bottled water while you are travelling. In some countries where tap water is not safe to drink, you may need to buy bottled water. However, even in this case it is worth taking a bottle with you as some hostels may offer water refills.

A water bottle

5. Shopping Bag

While you’re travelling, you’re bound to pick up some souvenirs for your friends and family back home. Take a reusable shopping bag on your trips to the market to keep your plastic bag consumption to a minimum.

6. Minimal Electrics

Phone, tablet, camera, e-reader, smart watch…all these guzzle through electricity. Think about what electrics you’ll really need while you’re away and keep those chargers to a minimum. You’re meant to be living in the moment and discovering yourself! Don’t miss your trip by being buried under electrical devices.

Electronics and a backpack laid out on a floor

7. Clean Kit

Another way to minimize your environmental impact is to ensure that things such as hiking boots and camping equipment are clean. This avoids transferring dangerous plant matter or pests to new environments. If you travel to New Zealand or Australia you’ll have to pass through biosecurity at the airport. If anything looks too grubby it might be taken away from you!

Follow these tips and pack green! ✌️

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