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Group at viewpoint at Ang Thong Marine Park, Thailand

6 Reasons NOT To Go To Thailand

By Real Travelling

Last updated: 11th April 2016

If you have ever considered travelling to Thailand this blog contains critical information on why it is not a good idea and you should simply stay on home soil, experiencing what you have already experienced so many times before…

Here are just a few of the legit reasons not to go:

1. It’s a Completely New Experience to Home

A group of travellers swim at a beach

With so many diverse landscapes, Thailand literally proposes a whole new world to explore - especially to those of us who have not yet ventured to distant continents such as Asia. On your travels you'll be stumbling upon; natural waterfalls, tropical jungles, spectacular rice paddies, bustling street markets, stunning temples, not to mention some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (and that's just for starters). These incredible backdrops will truly open your eyes - dangerous right!

2. No Holiday Will Ever Be the Same Again

A group of travellers sit in a temple with one receiveing a blessing from a Buddhist monk

The expression 'tourists see it, travellers experience it' comes to mind. Thailand is definitely not just your average holiday, nowhere near it in fact! You'll be on the move trying to see as much as you possibly can of this awesome country. Backpacking has and always will include moving around a lot (hence why you have a massive backpack), that's the beauty of it, all your belongs can be packed up and shifted in seconds. This fast pace makes the experience exhilarating, but it also means your time is jam packed with adventure! Go island hopping, learn to scuba dive, trek jungles, walk with elephants, surf epic beach breaks, swim in waterfalls, wake up in a beach hut and obviously chill when you need it. 

3. Locals Are Way Too Nice

Travellers standing next to a herd of elephants

One thing about Thailand that everyone comes back saying is just how damn friendly the locals are - it's filled with absolute legends! With tourism being one of Thailand's core industries the country embraces travellers with their arms wide open (it's where the name 'land of smiles' comes from). Being a predominantly Buddhist country, the Thai culture is fascinating, you'll see iconic temples and palaces dotted around but this also transcends to a very humble and spiritual way of living which you'll not only fall in love with, it will rub off on you! Just don't be surprised when you come back home people aren't so chilled and you're bumping shoulders in the street.

4. You’ll Evaluate Food in a Completely New Way

A traveller looking at a person cooking food in a boat at a floating market

Thailand is definitely for all you foodies out there! You'll experience colours, tastes, smells that you never thought possible. Pick up a Pad Thai from a sizzling street wok for next to nothing (we are literally talking a matter of pence here!) or head out for a three course meal in a swish restaurant for a fraction of the cost of back home. Thai cuisine contains some of the freshest cooking out there, not only will you come home missing so many distinct flavours but the cost of food is mad cheap!

5. Your Values Will Change Forever

A group of travellers stand on a road in front of a dense green jungle

We're not just talking values in a monetary outlook here, although your concept of money will change completely,  we're focusing more on inner values and beliefs. It goes without saying that you get a lot of bang for your buck in Thailand, with markets and backpacker safe havens like Khao San Road you can use some polite 'Baht'ering skills (see what we did there!) to grab a bargain. What you'll also find is that you start to value the free things in life through travelling, a little cliché we know, but genuinely in countries as stunning as Thailand the natural wonders and outdoor activities will reinvent what makes you happy. 

6. Your Average Night Out Just Won’t Cut It

A group of travellers in bright clothing pose for a photo during a full moon party

When travellers get together it always goes off - fact! With Full Moon Parties on the most epic island beaches and the world-famous nightlife of Bangkok your expectations of a 'night out' will be way above the cut! You'll be partying with people who are all there for a good time (no spoilers), in locations which will have you high on life and atmospheres that will have you pulling some shapes before even touching a bucket cocktail! 

We hope this blog has killed off any urges you may have to set off to discover this beaut of a world we live in!


Despite everything we've told you, are you feeling a little rebellious and getting itchy feet? You'd better have a chat with one of our travel advisers then... 01892 280555 or you can Live Chat on our website

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