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Animals in long grass in a US National Park

10 Must-Do's in the USA

Some of you guys might have the US down as being recognised for some hectic concrete jungles, cali surf dudes and the odd hillbilly, (Ok so you can find these)…BUT  the USA has so so so much to offer –  the variety is simply incredible! We think the country is one of the most diverse and brilliant in the world! Just look at the National Park Service, the USA has 59 national parks and hundreds of historic landmarks, and don’t get us started on the shopping, sports or food!

So here you have it… our team's 10 must do’s in the USA! WAIT… we couldn’t label these as the top 10 as there’s always the feeling of missing such biggies off the list! For this can we get a HELL YEAH for the United States!

1. Discover the bright lights and buzz of Las Vegas

Neon-lit buildingd and water display in Las Vegas

2. Get a selfie over the Grand Canyon

Aerial view of the Grand Canyon with clear blue skies

3. Spot some wildlife in the US National Parks

Animals in long grass in a US National Park

4. Get your hands on some super-sized food

Burgers with bacon on a cutting board

5. Hit-up the live music scene of New Orleans

A crowd of people holding their hands up to a live band

6. Walk the trails of the Appalachian Mountains

A traveller with a backpack standing on top of a peak overlooking mountains at sunset

7. Snap-up a panoramic of the Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool

The Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool with crowds of people

8. Walk across the Golden Gate & Empire State bridges

Two travellers looking at the Golden Gate Bridge and doing 'peace' hand gestures

9. Take a Ferry to the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, New York City skyline and surrounding river

10. Get soaked by the mist of Niagara falls

A boat at the bottom of Niagara Falls


Well if that doesn’t get you pumped for the US then maybe you should take a further look at what it has to offer – there is bucket loads my friends! We’re getting itchy feet just looking at these teeny bits of what the US has to offer!

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